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Frequently Asked Questions

On which platforms is Foremost Fantasy available?

Currently, Foremost Fantasy is only available on iOS devices and requires iOS 10.2 or later. This app is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. Down the road, we would like to add Foremost Fantasy to the Android/Google Play marketplace, but currently it is only available on iOS devices.

What does the Foremost Fantasy mobile app do?

Foremost Fantasy is a revolutionary mobile fantasy football app that takes your fantasy football data and uses proprietary technology to provide users with more versatile and useful data to further enhance their fantasy football experience. Complete filterable lists of all your fantasy players from multiple leagues, complete filterable lists of all your opponent’s fantasy players from multiple leagues, and fantasy lists on a game-by-game NFL schedule are some of the things that Foremost Fantasy does that no other mobile apps can do!

What fantasy outlets can Foremost Fantasy import data from?

Currently, Yahoo is the only fantasy outlet that is compatible with our software. When you first login to Foremost Fantasy, you will use your Yahoo login so that Foremost Fantasy will pull the data that is custom to each fantasy user’s leagues.

Can I make changes/adjustments to my fantasy rosters in Foremost Fantasy?

No. Foremost Fantasy is a supplemental app to your regular fantasy football platform. Foremost Fantasy is not meant to be a substitute for traditional fantasy platforms. Foremost Fantasy is a view-only tool to enhance the experience of the fantasy user. All roster, team, league changes still need to be made through your regular fantasy app/website.

How do I make sure all the data is updated in the Foremost Fantasy app?

On the Week View, Game View, and Player View screens, you can drag the screen downward (much like many popular social media apps), and the data will refresh and update to include the latest roster moves in all of your leagues. The League View screen automatically updates each time you visit it, so it does not contain this feature.

Why aren’t the individual scores appearing for players in League View?

This data is being imported from Yahoo, and unfortunately Yahoo only provides the team’s total scores. Individual scores are not available to appear on this screen.

I see the checkboxes showing what leagues players are in, but how do I know the official title of each league?

Click on any of the League Bars and a popup image will appear with your league names. It’s difficult to remember if your office league is league 2 or league 5, so just click on the League Bar at any time for a quick reminder of your official Yahoo league name.

Is football the only sport supported by the Foremost Fantasy mobile app?

Currently, yes. However, Foremost Fantasy would like to expand into other sports in the future.

Does Foremost Fantasy offer any other apps?

Yes, Foremost Fantasy is just our main app. We currently offer a 2nd app, called VBD Tool which is a fantasy football draft tool that uses the Value-Based Drafting theory. VBD Tool is available on both the iOS App Store as well as the Android/Google Play marketplace. We have plans for subsequent apps as well, but currently these are the 2 that are available for download.

Who should I contact if I’m having an issue with Foremost Fantasy?

Please email with feedback, questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Who should I contact for sponsorship/advertising/partnership questions?

Please email with any sponsorship/advertising/partnership questions.